Have you worked in the UK in the last four tax years? Or are you in the UK at present and about to return to Ireland? Then you could be entitled to a UK tax refund and we can help you to claim this UK tax refund from HMRC.


Who can apply for a UK tax rebate?

If you paid income tax on your salary in the UK, you are eligible to apply for a tax refund. This claim can be backdated for the previous 4 years and can be made even if you are already back in Ireland. The refund can be paid by cheque addressed to you or paid to your bank account.

Why would I be due UK tax back when I’m moving to Ireland?

You can claim tax back if:

  • You leave the UK in the middle of a tax year and you have not used all of your tax free allowance.
  • You worked temporarily in the UK or you were working there on an emergency tax code.
  • You incurred work related expenses and you haven’t reclaimed tax relief on your job expenses such as  purchasing work tools, travel and accommodation costs and washing work uniform.
  • You are a UK non-resident or a UK non-resident landlord.
  • You are paying UK tax on pension income in the UK.

How much tax can I claim back?

Every case is different and depends on your own personal set of circumstances and how much tax has been withheld in the UK.

What do I need to make a UK tax refund claim from Ireland?

  • P85, which we’ll give you, this confirms when you left the UK and contains other information about your UK and foreign employment status.Claim Your UK Tax Refund From Ireland
  • P45, your UK employer will provide this to you when you leave a UK employment. If you have mislaid this we can still process your claim.

What is the process to claim UK tax back?

Get in contact with us by email to claim your UK tax refund. Anyone who has left the UK in the last four tax years is allowed to apply for a UK tax rebate. There is no way to trigger an automatic tax refund; HMRC needs you to submit an official claim before they can refund your tax overspend.

We are here to support you in claiming this tax refund. Many people come from Ireland to work all over the UK and leave valuable tax behind. From Brexit to Covid to remote working opportunities many people are returning to Ireland from the UK.  Don’t forget to claim your UK tax refund by contacting us today.