Tax advice for Irish Tax Residents

Are you concerned that you may have become Irish tax resident ?

You will be regarded as resident in Ireland for tax purposes if you spend:

183 days or more here in Ireland


If the combined number of days you spend here in the current tax year and the number of days you spent here in the last year exceeds 280. In applying this two year test, a period of less than 30 days spent in Ireland in a tax year will be ignored.

Of course if you do not meet these tests you can also elect to be resident in Ireland for tax purposes.

If you do satisfy this test or elect to be resident you will be taxed on your worldwide income. It is important that you seek tax advice to understand the tax consequences of electing to be Irish tax resident. If you are resident In Ireland but not domiciled here you will be only taxed on Irish income and any foreign income to the extent it is remitted here. Domicile and establishing your domicile is complex but it essentially looks at the country which you consider to be your natural home. This takes into account the country you were born in. You obtain a domicile of origin from your father so the country in which he was born in is important also.

Non-residents on the other hand are liable to Irish income tax on income arising in Ireland only. (e.g. rental income in Ireland and employment income earned in Ireland).

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