Have you recently moved to Ireland from the UK? Be it Brexit or the green green grass of Irish soil. I have recently received a large amount of calls from individuals making the move from the UK to Ireland.  Many of whom are unaware that they are entitled to a refund of UK tax. Furthermore they have up to four years to apply for this tax refund. This means if they left the UK in 2015 or any year after this they can still apply for a UK income tax refund. To process the refund we would need your UK national insurance number and your P45 if you have this.

Who is eligible?Moving from the UK to Ireland and Your Taxes

If you have paid income tax on your salary, you are eligible to apply for a tax rebate. This claim can be made even if you are already back in Ireland.  You will not receive this refund automatically, we can apply for this on your behalf.

If you’re not a UK tax resident, you do not pay UK tax on income or gains you get outside the UK. You may be non-resident the day after you leave the UK – this depends on your personal situation. You may also be able to claim “split year” treatment.

If you have previously been submitting tax returns in the UK to HMRC prior to moving to Ireland, please note that self-assessment tax returns cannot be completed online once you leave the UK. We can help you in submitting UK tax returns as a non resident individual. If you are moving to Ireland but still own a rental property in the UK. Read my article here on your UK and Irish tax situation as a non resident landlord.

Don’t leave valuable tax refunds behind you in the UK. If you were a PAYE worker in the UK and are now moving to Ireland please do get in touch with us and we can apply for this refund for you. We specialise in supporting individuals moving between Ireland and the UK.  Simply email caroline@charlespcrowley.com for further information.