Accounting expert and Cork tax advisor Caroline Crowley to provide a free webinar on tax risks on working across borders

Remote working has changed since March 2020 to a new normal for many. Caroline Crowley, Chartered Accountant and Cork Tax Advisor has seen a rise in enquiries, particularly from UK resident individuals relocating to West Cork and working remotely for their overseas employers. The rise of queries has prompted her to provide a free webinar along with HR Consultant Claire Lehane for both employees and employers concerned about tax and HR implications while working cross borders. The webinar will take place online on April 12 at 12 noon and people can register for free on Eventbrite or by visiting

During the pandemic many employees who relocated inadvertently established a tax residency in Ireland, exposing themselves to negative tax consequences as a result of becoming an Irish tax resident.

Speaking ahead of the event, Cork Tax Advisor Caroline Crowley said, ‘Once employees cross borders, they can trigger multiple tax consequences. The aim of this event is to inform employees and also employers on the necessary requirements they need to know when it comes to submitting Irish and UK income tax returns and managing their local tax obligations.’

This event will review the tax consequences where an employee is working exclusively in Ireland or where they return to their employer’s country and operate a hybrid working model.

HR Consultant Claire Lehane will also discuss the HR requirements that employees and employers must be aware of in order to comply with local employment legislation when working remotely in Ireland for an overseas company.

Sign Up Today using the link below for our webinar : Tax Sense: with Caroline Crowley and Claire Lehane. Tickets, Tue 12 Apr 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite